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Snook's Candies - A 3rd generation family of candy makers. Established in 1963 by John and Jeannine Snook (you can still see them helping out in the store!) Jim & Renee Snook are owners and operators of Snook’s Chocolate Factory. We are the second generation in a family of candy makers with more than four decades of dedication to producing superior confections including the finest chocolates, truffles, & brittles. Nestled in the heart of Historic Folsom, California is our kitchen, factory, and store where our candy is made fresh daily. This store is actually a Chocolate Factory “on-view” to the public.  We have only one location and it’s in the heart of Historic “Old Town” Folsom. We believe bigger is not is what makes our products exceptional. Please Enjoy! The Snook Family.

 Renee Snook was asked recently by a local reporter, " What is the secret to your success". Here is her response...

I don't know exactly what to say, actually... "Secrets of Success", hmmm. In a lot of ways our secret is to always give 100 % and never give up...especially when someone tells you that something can't be done. My father-in-law was told he would never make it in the candy business by the person who taught him. He didn't listen, and pushed was hard but somehow he and my mother-in-law made it work. Many of our long time customers are drawn to the business not just because we have fantastic candies and chocolates but because it is our family. It's special and we all feel it. The fact that our customers "feel" it too means so much to us. They tell us all the time about how they grew up going to Snooks and loved it. And now, they have children of their own and want them to share the experience- family to family, an amazing gift to all.  I love it! Jim loves it. My boys love it. Our customers love it... so the business feels set for the future. 

As for our three boys, Eric is committed to following in his dad's footsteps ...period. We are proud to have him on board. Dan is an incredibly talented musician and song writer and works on a career in music while working for us...and refuses to work anywhere else while he pursues music. Alex, the youngest, just like brother Dan, refuses to work elsewhere while pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. They may leave some day but their hearts will always be at Snook's where their family is...Snook's is not just a business, it's a family.

For me and the business, I handle the bookkeeping and merchandising/displays, and work with the chocolate. I "have Jim's back" so to speak too. He is currently very involved as President of the Folsom Historic District Association and gets pulled away often. I make sure things get done when he's unavailable and support him when he needs it. We have been married over 25 years and have grown up together with our business. His role has expanded and so has mine. Over the years, I have developed the "look & feel" of our store when you walk inside; all the warmth of the decor...colors, ribbons, specialty custom boxes, and gift sets are what I have created. I added the "woman's touch". This is a family of boys...someone had to make the chocolates pretty! I have always said that I honor Jim's (and now Eric's,too) confectionery work by adorning it with beautiful packaging. I am always searching for clever and affordable gift boxes and ribbons-no simple task, I assure you.

As a family, the business consumes our lives. Friends and family alike come to visit us often and it can be challenging to be productive, but we wouldn't have it any other way. It's like coming to our home and all are welcome anytime. Only our customers can really make success a reality, though. As long as we keep that first in our minds, we will be going strong for generations to come. Snook's truly is a Family businessAll of this is our Secret to Success, I would have to say.
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