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May 14, 2020   My family and I have been enjoying Snook's For 30 years now. Such a pleasure to visit, we are always welcomed with genuine kindness and amazing customer service. Your staff makes us smile. Thank you for creating such fond memories for our family. Sandra E.

Jan 2020   I received the Snook's Hot Fudge gift set as a Christmas gift this year and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. My daughter was visiting and we had a lovely time making the fudge and it was absolutely divine. Rich, creamy chocolate just perfect to eat on ice cream and fruit. Thank you!    Jamie

Sept 2019   Been a favorite for decades. Our favorites are any kind of fudge, any nut brittle, English toffee and rocky road. Holiday divinity is amazing! Staff is very helpful and friendly.   Mona O

Nov 15, 2020  Customer service is phenomenal! The confectionery work is impressive and delicious!  Jeffrey C

Nov 15, 2020  My store clerk was Exceptional! Very helpful, friendly, personable and very professional...  Jennet W